Josh Orange

JO are working at their usual pace on album 4 due 2019

Home Page photo Hyde Park Sydney by Karina Wass

JO have spent much of 2017 working on different musical and other projects. The band have written a body of work for their fourth studio album, and look forward to getting in to the studio in 2018.

Josh Orange are a five-piece band based in Sydney. We love writing and recording original music and have just completed our third studio album titled "Eyes Wide Open”. In addition to 8 original songs, this new album also features a cover of "Born To Run" by Bruce Springsteen plus a version of the traditional Irish classic "Whiskey In The Jar". It was a fun album to make, and we finally captured the live energy of the band on record.

The band’s singer/songwriter Gordon Burke is from Dublin, Andrew Wass (guitars/songwriter) is from Melbourne, Blaine Munnings (“BassmanB”, bass guitar/songmaker) is from the Central Coast, Alex Miller (“Big Al”, drums/piano/songwriter) is originally from Cairns and Shane McLaughlin (guitars/songwriter) is from the Blue Mountains.

If success is measured by how much fun you have, then we are huge! We love what we do, we are a gang of brothers that are all fighting for the same goal - great songs. The live show is where we shine the most: it's unpredictable, it's always a huge buzz and we look forward to taking the new album on to a stage soon.

The highlight of making this record was working in Linear recording studios in Sydney. For those of you who know about recording music, it's a meca. The studio is based on the infamous "Sound City" in Los Angeles. The owner has told us that after watching Dave Grohl’s movie "Sound City" (a must see -https://YouTube/watch?v=HQoOfiLz1G4) he was inspired to purchase a neve desk, which was responsible for capturing the warm, rich sound on our new album. That neve desk has attracted a number of other domestic and international artists to record at Linear studios, including Passenger, Miley Cyrus and Robbie Williams.

We hope you enjoy the new album, which will soon be available in digital format on iTunes. Our previous two albums are currently available for purchase on iTunes. Hard copies of the CD will be available following the official album release in July 2015. Please check this website for future updates.


Cheers for now, Josh Orange.








Third Studio Album - EYES WIDE OPEN - July 2015